Number of wallet users cracked the million

The number of users of the MetaMask wallet is shooting through the roof.

MetaMask exceeded one million active monthly users of its wallet in September 2020. The block chain company has the October 5 announced . She continues to see herself as the connecting element between investors and Bitcoin exchanges.

Two reasons for MetaMask’s success

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MetaMask attributes the success to two causes

First, the hype surrounding decentralized financial services ( DeFi ) has led to a sharp increase in investors. This also correlates with the company’s number of customers: the assets invested in DeFi applications and the number of wallet users both suddenly rose sharply in the middle of the year. The company could easily have benefited from the DeFi boom.

The company, founded in 2016, recognizes the second reason for the good news in MetaMask Mobile: The smartphone app has been available since September and is said to have played a major role. Most of the app users are from the United States, India, Nigeria, and the Philippines.